Office vs home office

It’s been 30 months since I last worked full time at my office. These 2 days, I had the opportunity to go in to office to work, and it was just oh so awesome! I have totally forgotten the feeling of working in the office, chatting with colleagues and collaborating with them in discussions face-to-face. All these simple stuff which I took for granted before Covid are really blessings in life.

Over the past 2.5 years, I have been blessed to have been granted the opportunity to build up my home office into a space which I can work effectively. From a single laptop to work from, my company has allowed me to build it into a proper home office with a proper office table, monitors, keyboard, speaker phone, aircond, etc, Looking back, I thank God for the blessing in helping me to go thru Covid in such a comfortable manner. I am really grateful that God has watched over me and my family during those very tough times.

Here are my opinions on the differences between working in an office and at a home office. Both has its pros and cons and a hybrid work environment where I can get the benefits from both is actually quite ideal.

OfficeHome office
No assigned or dedicated workspace. I basically work from my laptop only.I have a room setup for me to work comfortably in and with ergonomic setup.
Opportunity of having collaboration with my team face to faceVirtual meetings only
Able to know my team in a closer manner with the active interaction face to faceTakes longer time to build the camaraderie with new colleagues
Impressive office setup and the sense of belonging as an employee in the companyN/A
Work happens mainly in the office, so work hours are more focused during a particular duration Work happens at any time of a day, can be endless and cause overwork
Dressing up as an employee gives us a sense of pride working for the companyBeing able to work in any attire is easy and relaxing but lacks the professional feeling of being at work

Quote #2

When life throws you lemon, you make lemon meringue

When life throws you a spanner, you use it to open the bolts

When life throws you daffodils, you catch it with both arms

In life, you get thorns and roses, how you react to it is what makes a difference

It is your choice which pair of glasses you wanna see it through

It is all in your hands!

Quote #1

A person is lonely, when there is no satisfaction and comfort in her heart

For I am not alone, as the words in the books accompanies my soul and brings me to a world of joy.

The wonders of the book!

The feeling of unease

In the middle of the night

In the din of the dark

The silence should give me calm

But I have this feeling niggling at me, making me slowly turn awake, making me feel bothered and uncomfortable

That is the feeling I call unease.

It’s an indescribable feeling

I cannot determine the actual root cause

I cannot get rid of it

It just disturbs the calm within me

It is a very unwelcomed feeling

I wish it will go away.

Life is unpredictable

A happy smile, a huge guffaw

A single news, a dropping heart

Life is so unpredictable

Things can change so suddenly

From a happy moment into a total loss of words and idea, and vice versa

People can make a forecast, but nobody owns a crystal ball that tells the future accurately

Sudden news can be happy or utterly shocking

As life is unpredictable

Make the best out of your moments in life, be it with your family, at work, or even doing chores

Sometimes you’ll look back and long for that simple moment you took for granted

But it may no longer be there for grasp.

Calmness is found within

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the busy world

Amidst the pressure and stress surrounding us

Amidst the hectic routine and all the must-do items on our list

Step back for a moment and take a deep breath

The core to handling all these is to be calm

When you are calm, you are steady. Your mind is not a whirlpool

You can think clearly, you can see things clearer and you can handle it all

Our human mind is powerful. It controls our actions and emotions

Only if we can control it, then we can find calmness in within us.

Whenever you are feeling agitated and uneasy … pause, stop what you are doing, take a deep breath, close your eyes and think of something that makes you happy, clear your mind and find peace and … calmness will surface

When you find calmness, you can handle the world!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Beautiful nature soothes our mind and soul


Human beings are very amazing.

With food and water, we can grow and survive

With care and love, we can grow exponentially

With objective in life, it toughens us and make us strive forward to the best of our ability

And with hope, we can endure the toughest moment and persevere on as we believe we will be able to overcome it… there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Let’s always have faith and hope!

To make yourself shine or to outshine others

Everybody strives to show that they are doing a good job

People wants to show visibility of their capabilities and achievements,

in the hope that more people will notice them and hence, they can build their influence, have better sense of satisfaction and growth in their life

However, there is a very faint distinction between making yourself shine vs outshining others

It’s all well and good to make yourself shine and to showcase your capabilities and strength,

but it’s not fine to constantly try to outshine others so that you appear more superior and powerful compared to others

In life, I always believe in competing against yourself to become better and better,

But I don’t believe in competing against others in everything you do just to show that you are more superior or you are better than them.

In a competition, sure, there is always a single winner.

But in life, everybody can be a winner, and together we can be BIG winners together

Think of humanity…

Think of how we can grow ourselves and others around us…

We are one individual, there is no one superior person in this world apart from God,

Let’s not forget that fact and let’s not step on others along the way, just to reach our own goals.

With one torch, it lights up a small area. With 2 or more torches, it lights up a bigger area. Yes, one torch may seem more dominant but that is not the goal. We want to strive for ‘together we can achieve more’!

Quote: A single person can only do things within their own capability. Together with others, we can reap more and better results as one! Think we, not me!

The battle between eBooks and hard copy books

This is a topic that I continue to ponder on from time to time.

Recently, my daughter has returned to school and she asked me to buy her hard copy books so that she can bring to school to read when she has time. Her school does not allow students to bring iPad or Kindle. Initially, I hesitated as I had the whole series that she wanted to read in my Kindle, but upon thinking further, why not, if it helps her to read more.

Hence, we embarked on our search for the series she was reading at the local bookstore. It’s been quite a few years since I waited for the books to appear at the bookshelves and we were sadly disappointed when we found that many of the titles were not available at the bookstore. Next, we reverted to online search! Luckily for us, one of the online bookstore had those books available and I quickly purchased it.

The books arrived in within 3 days. Opening the box with the freshly smelled books was heavenly! After that, my heart started to itch and I found myself constantly surfing the online bookstores. I then went on another impulse strike and bought another 2 series for myself. And within 2 days, the shipment arrived!

This is the stash we bought! And how happy we were! This round for me, hard copy books won the battle against eBooks! Hahaha….

I’m sure this battle will continue on in my mind from time to time. 😅 But, no worries! Enjoy life!

Do you like to read? I’m thinking of writing some reviews on the books that I’ve read. Anybody interested in that? Do drop me a comment to help me decide whether I should write that in my next post.

Till then, take care and stay safe everybody!

Unclear communication = Disaster

What is communication?

Communication is the act of exchanging information between 2 or more people.

But does it mean when 2 people are talking then it’s called communicating?

In my opinion, No.

One can only be said as communicating when information is passed from one to another and is understood. If information passed is unclear or the other party didn’t receive the information as it was originally intended to be, then communication hasn’t happened.

Unclear communication can be disastrous. It creates misunderstanding, it creates wrong outcome.

What causes unclear communication?

  1. The person sharing the information assumes the other person already knows part of the information and hence didn’t mention it explicitly.
  2. The person sharing the information shares only part of the message but not the entirety of it.
  3. The person assumes the other person would be able to guess the unsaid information and make up the whole picture.

This is very dangerous and can cause a lot of misunderstanding.

Good communication is very key to any relationship.

Never assume or think the other person already knows or would know what you want without saying it out.

To have a good communication, please take note of a few pointers:

  1. Patience – Always have patience. Communicating doesn’t mean just garbling some words and sentences. You have to be patient to articulate your points across and also see whether the recipient is indeed receiving your intended message. Many people just speak and assume the other person will understand. That’s the start of miscommunication.
  2. Listening – It’s not good enough that you just speak. You also need to listen to the other party, and then only you can exchange information and understand the message that is being communicated.

Communication can turn disastrous when the person doesn’t speak much, doesn’t listen well and expects you to pick up their body language. Body language can be deceiving and should not be the main means of communication.

The key to communication is comprehension!

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